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Welcome! I'm Abby O'Sullivan, owner of Foxie Fit and Foxie Lash. I'm excited to share my passion for fitness and health with you!

Everyone's fitness journey is unique. Mine is below.

Since 2008 I have been an esthetician and lash artist. At the time I started offering eyelash extensions they were not a well known service in my area. I quickly became very busy with lashes to the point that I was working 6 days a week and seeing 5 or 6 clients a day. Eyelash extensions are an amazing service. Everyone feels instantly prettier with longer, curled lashes and it shows from the inside out. I've met and become close to so many amazing women over the years based on this career. However, on the other side, applying lash extensions is a very tedious process that involves sitting in one position for hours, using tweezers to apply tiny extensions to tiny natural eyelashes. It was definitely taking its toll on my body.

Factor in a big life change - divorce -, the necessity and drive to work more, the inability to say no when I needed to rest, eating out more than cooking, drinking to excess on the weekends and not moving my body much other than a walk in the park here and there and...I'm sure you can guess. I was beginning to feel like a slug. My choices were not making me feel great about myself. I was letting rejection (hi modern dating and immaturity) hit me hard. I had this amazing, busy business plus great friends and good times but I was feeling crappy. 

I abruptly decided I'd had enough. I was taking back control of my mind, my body, my health and my feelings about all of that. I was going to do it for me. 

I took some small steps in the summer of 2013 sort of meandering my way into learning how to take better care of myself starting with nutrition. I dabbled in supplements for fat burning and protein powders. Major stomach upset curbed that in about two weeks! Ha. I had been considering a gym membership and looked up a few places but hadn't yet found the courage to go in. When I finally did, it was to a gym where the tour did not involve pressure to sign up right now under a contract I'd have to sell my first born to get out of. I was handed a 7 day free pass and shown casually around the gym. I used that free pass once and signed up. The staff was so friendly and nice, the gym clean and easy to navigate. It was also inexpensive and there was no contract. Really nice for a committment phobe like myself. 

I started at the gym like most people. I jumped on machines, looked at the little diagram and attempted to use it properly or at least what seemed like the right way. But I also asked for help. I quickly befriended the staff and asked for their help. I figured that's what they were there for, and I was there to learn! Honestly, I can't stress enough how important it is to simply ask for help. And if the gym you are at doesn't have a helpful and knowledgable staff and the members aren't friendly enough to help out, switch gyms - now! 

I digress. Within a couple months, the gym offered a special for personal training and I said hell yes. I need help. My first PT was an okay experience. It was okay for a beginner like me. His okayness was noticed by others (he was let go) and I was placed with a trainer who would change my fitness life. This new trainer taught me how to lift, how to use to the gym, walked me into the weight room, challenged me every single session because he knew I could do more than I let myself think I could. I learned proper form and seriously pushed myself past many boundaries of comfort. 

This was only the beginning of my experience with personal trainers. They have all been different. They've all been positive. I've learned so much from each one - about myself, what my body can do, the mental limitations I put on myself. 

But here's what else I gained...time to relieve stress, to disconnect from everything and tune into my own body and strength. I gained a community of friends in a place I never imagined I'd have friends. These people who have similar goals and a love for lifting, who cheer you on and encourage you to get the hell out of your head. I gained physical strength that helped me feel better during long work days of applying lashes. I gained confidence. I took up meal prepping more nutritious foods to align with my busy schedule and desire to feel better. 

Exercise, lifting weights and hiring personal trainers have brought me out of serious funks many times. I've moved to a couple different cities, taken on different roles in my lash career, had bouts of anxiety and depression, the ups and the downs life can bring you. Each time when I've circled back around to getting into the gym, I've felt better. 

After years of lashing and trying on these different roles in the lash industry, I realized I wanted to do something else. I wanted to add something else to my life than just being the lash girl. What else was I passionate about? What did I get excited to talk about with others? 

Fitness. So I became a Personal Trainer. I love helping others learn how to take care of their bodies. I love seeing people achieve what they didn't think was possible. I love seeing their mindset change, their confidence increase, the positive changes it brings to their life in so many ways. I especially love helping women as I know how intimidating the gym can be and how much BS we are fed through media about how to workout. 

I'm also passionate about helping fellow lash artists find a way to take care of themselves so they can continue taking care of others. I'm excited to be working on something special for my fellow lash babes!

Thank you so much for reading my story! I hope that it inspires you and lets you know you are not alone. You can always reach out to me with any concerns or questions.



© 2018 By Abby O'Sullivan. 

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