Lash Boss Strong

Fitness and health programs designed for the lash artist by a lash artist.

Lash Boss Strong

Fitness designed for the lash artist. 

Being passionate and dedicated to our craft also means long hours sitting in one position enduring increasing tension and stiffness in our muscles and joints. Working full time as a lash artist for even a short amount of time can cause issues that over time build up leaving us in pain. Then we become dependent on massages, chiropractic, physical therapy or have to decrease our hours just to get through. (Does this sound like you? Cause it's definitely been me.)

While the different modalities of treatments are beneficial, why not take your health into your own hands? Why not learn ways to actually build strength and change the way your body moves and feels on a daily basis? I certainly would have loved the knowledge I now have way back in the early days of my lash career.


Rather than buy another workout made for everyone, invest in a plan that benefits you and your lash career. 

The Lash Boss Strong series of training plans are designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals while improving strength and mobility to keep you in the lash game with a happy and healthy body.

With Fitness App

Customized workouts delivered monthly through my comprehensive training app featuring a calendar, your entire training plan with demo videos, space to see progress and record stats. Includes one weekly check-in. 

1, 3, 6 month subscription


Without Fitness App

Customized home or gym workouts with one monthly check-in to provide support and adjust workouts.


A great option for those with more experience who simply desire a plan of action. 

1, 3, 6 month subscription


Lash Boss Strong Vol 1




LBS Vol 1 is a 6 week gym based program designed specifically for lash artists to build strength and increase mobility. 

Arriving Spring 2020

How do I sign up?

Click the button above, select your desired option, pay and you'll be redirected to the quick consult! Once your consult is reviewed, I will contact you via your noted preferred method (email, text, call) and we will get going.


who is this for?

Lash Boss Strong is specifically designed to coach Lash Professionals that are committed to reaching their health and fitness goals. Change takes effort and time. Be ready to commit to yourself and put in the work. I will be there to support you!

how is LBS Different?

Lash Boss Strong is for the Lash Pro by a Lash Pro. This is not just another online fitness coaching program. You will receive workouts to strengthen the whole body with a focus on the back, core, glutes and legs to counteract the weaknessess, imbalance and tension caused by prolonged sitting. Bring your goals and your commitment. I will teach you what you need to know to be a stronger, badass boss babe and have a longer, healthier lash career.

how long is the subscription?

You can choose either 1, 3, or 6 months for your subscription. Payment is monthly. 

Do i need a gym membership?

A gym membership is highly recommended simply for the variety of weights and equipment that is helpful for successful strength building. However, your Experience and workouts are customized to you so at home workouts are an option as well! We will discuss basic needs for equipment. 

What is included?

If you choose training with the app, you will get your monthly custom workouts in a training plan in the app, a calendar to schedule workouts, stat updates, habits etc, a place to record and view your progress PLUS one weekly check-in with me to offer guidance & support and adjust workouts as necessary. You will also receive a Getting Started E-Book with pertinent program information and nutrition basics. 

If you choose training without the app, you will receive custom monthly workouts in an easy to edit spreadsheet PLUS one monthly check-in with me for guidance, support and adjustments to your training plan.

what is the app?

Oh man - the Trainerize app is a super comprehensive app where you can track your progress stats, schedule workouts, find your workouts (complete with demo videos) and message me! It's easy to use and very convenient!

what is the cancellation policy?

Because your workouts are designed for you by me, I do need lead time to prepare them! One week advance notice is required for continuing or canceling your subscription and stopping the payment. 

© 2018 By Abby O'Sullivan. 

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