Hey, Boss. I know you're busy.

You barely made it to the gym and don’t have much time. Now what? You need a plan of action. You need to know what to do when you walk in. Luckily, you have a program from Foxie Fit designed just for you that gets you in and out of the gym and one step closer to your health and fitness goals.

Foxie can also make you a training plan for home workouts! Both options offer a consult and check-in's to make sure your program is working for you.

With a training program from Foxie Fit, the guesswork and stress of what exercise to do when and how no longer applies. You have enough to worry about. Let Foxie provide the support you need to get you motivated, moving and fit.

Do it for you.

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I was inspired to become a personal trainer after spending years being coached myself and feeling empowered by the confidence I gained from strength training. I'm passionate about teaching others and helping women feel like their best selves. With more than a decade as an esthetician and lash artist, personal training is yet another way for me to help you feel like your most beautiful and strong self. 

As a lash artist who has worked through pain and had frequent physical therapy visits and as a woman who has learned how to navigate the gym alone, my desire is to pass on the knowledge I've gained so you can live and work with more strength and less pain. 

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