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driven women strength and mobility practices to keep them focused on their careers and relationships without feeling run down and burned out. I want you to have the tools to help you feel better and build a stronger body that you feel amazing in so you can continue conquering the world. 







Welcome! I'm Abby O. aka Foxie. I have been an esthetician/lash artist since 2008 and a fitness coach since 2018. I was inspired to become a personal trainer after spending years being coached myself and feeling empowered by the confidence I gained through strength training. With more than a decade spent as a lash artist, I am well aware of the pains and burn out that can come from sitting all day and lashing clients full time (40+ hours/week). 


Now I'm combining the experience of being a long time lash artist with fitness coaching to empower women with knowledge to help them feel stronger, better and work with less aches and pain. 

Does your career keep you chained to a desk, at a computer or on a phone all day? Or maybe you are in the health and beauty industry sitting or standing for long periods of time with back to back clients? 

Being a total boss at your career can take its toll. Especially on your body if you let it. Another cookie cutter fitness program isn’t going to cut it. As someone who has experienced the aches and pains of a career that’s kept me seated for years, it is my passion to share the knowledge, exercises and practices that have saved me from burn out and helped me gain strength and confidence in so many ways. 

Allow me to guide you through a different type of fitness and health coaching program. One that is designed for the busy babe who wants to stop feeling run down so you can focus on your career, your relationships and living your best life.




Jori - Custom Floral Designer

Custom Home Workouts

I really enjoy my personalized workouts from Abby with Foxie Fit! I'm super busy running my own business, so having the flexibility to fit in my training sessions whenever I want is crucial! The app is super easy to use, with instructional videos for each exercise, reminders to do my daily workouts, and easy communication with Abby if I have any questions! I started this program to help strengthen the muscles around my knees, but I had no idea the impact this would have on my body overall. Following the program has made everyday activities and the heavy lifting for my job much easier!

Jessica - Librarian

Custom Home Workouts

I have  shape where I want it and less jiggle. My clothes are fitting better, and I'm even fitting into older clothes again! I am stronger and more capable than I ever thought possible. At work, my posture has improved. Less pain from sitting at my desk. Mentally, getting in my workouts after work have brought me a lot of peace and clairty. 

Alicia - Esthetician

In Person Group Training

Abby helped me to not be intimidated walking into the gym, learn to exercise properly and actually made it all fun! I went from dreading exercise, to looking forward to visits each week. That’s a huge deal for me.


© 2018 By Abby O'Sullivan. 

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