All Foxie Fit programs focus on helping you improve your strength and mobility to improve your daily life, lift your confidence, and keep you feeling badass. 


A full online coaching experience focused on strength and mobility training to build a stronger, more stable and capable body. 

Learn exercises to keep you from taking home chronic work aches and pains that lead to burnout, sustainable nutrition tips and habits to help you lead a lifestyle that allows you to be more clear and present in your career and in your relationships. 

Tailored to you with your goals and experience level in mind.

Foxie Fit Strong offers the most support, guidance and communication with your coach. 

Currently in Beta!

Do you prefer to be on your own? 

Foxie Fit offers simple monthly programming and programs you can complete at your own pace.


If you simply want a training plan made for you, this option offers custom programming for your gym or home workouts. 

You will receive full access to my fitness app with your training plan, demo videos, progress and stat tracking + bi-weekly check-in's via email to keep you on track, adjust your workouts if needed and give you encouragement (or a kick in butt)



A six week program to help you stay strong and moving at home - no equipment required! Choose a program based on your experience level/desired goal: new to exercise, fat loss or building strength. After you've signed up, you'll be added to my fitness app where you'll find your workouts, be able to plan and track your progress, and more! 

Only $39!


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