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BACK to the Grind - 3 exercise for a stronger posterior chain

At the time of this writing, America is still under Shelter in Place orders. Some areas are lightening up restrictions, while others are very much still enforcing them. Soon, though, most everyone will back to work (if they haven't been) in some way shape or fashion. I know my colleagues in the beauty industry have been struggling with the forced closures of their business.

As a personal trainer and lash artist, I'm often thinking of ways to help myself get through the days of sitting in appointments in a static position. More specifically, how can I move and strengthen my body to: a) relieve any aches, pains, tightness

b) make it easier to stay in good posture

c) combat the effects of sitting

Many of the lash artists I know have not chosen to take such an extended break from lashing before. We are quite rested. But what happens when we go back to work? We will be going back to full sets, lots of sitting and added stress of the "new normal".

In addition to prepping to open your business again by following operational guidelines, working on marketing, ordering supplies, rescheduling clients and mentally preparing your self, I would like to suggest preparing your body.

Strengthen your posterior chain that provides you then with the strength and stamina to get through hours of lashing. Your posterior chain is the series of muscles that make up your back side. Back, core, glutes, hamstrings, calves.

Let's specifically target the muscles that, when strengthened, help decrease the change for chronic or acute pain in the hips, low back and neck. Strengthen your back and core so you can hold the correct posture.

I'd like to challenge you (and you can follow along on Instagram HERE) to perform this series of exercises at least 3x a week till you go back to work...and after! Of course, you can't just do them 3-6 times and expect your body to stay that way. Just like volume fan making, it takes constant practice and work to keep your body strong and able.

Here's your Back to the Grind workout:

4 Rounds

Y Raise - 6-8 reps

Prone Cobra with an Isometric Hold of 2-5 seconds - 3-5 reps

Glute Bridge - 20 reps

View this workout and more helpful moves on my YouTube channel:

The Y raise is for the lower part of the trap. Gain strength and connection here to counteract an over active upper trap (those tight neck muscles) and improve your back workouts as well. The Prone Cobra with an isometric hold is killer for your entire posterior chain. You'll want to make sure you keep your arms straight and flexed, squeezing those shoulder blades together. Imagine someone is pulling your shoulders back or there's a force pulling your elbows together. The glute bridge is one of the easiest and simple ways to target your glutes and reconnect to the muscles. This also provides some additional core and stability work.

You've got this! Do it on it's on or add it into your current regimen. These are absolutely some of my favorite moves, and I prescribe them often to clients :)

Feel free to send me an email if you tried this and liked it!

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