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How do you find the balance in a healthy lifestyle and a social life?

First, toss out the word “balance”. We all know that’s not realistic for life. As my friend, Pamela from Thrive Fitness, says, it’s more about finding harmony.

Life will always ebb and flow. We are still along for the ride no matter how much we try to control it. So instead of trying to find some kind of mystic balance - aim for harmony. I imagine this in my head as some kind of swirling wave. Some days work will overtake and your personal/family life will fall to the wayside. Other times family will be priority while work may take a backseat. The moments you truly care for yourself are weaved in there as well usually as blips on the radar.

As someone who has pondered the original question, cause your girl likes her wine, it really came down to…”How do I want to feel?” Do I want to feel like shit for a couple days because I couldn’t say no to the 4th or 5th drink? Or foggy headed, tired, low energy because on top of those drinks I stayed out late and slept like crap for a few hours? Does that amount of drinking really help me achieve anything (um, like grocery shopping, gym time, extra work activities that involve my brain, muscle gainz, consistency in my diet)?

Is the wine really the problem? No. The problem lies in my inability to check in with myself and realize I’m buzzed after one, totally good at two and thirsty (for water) after that. Self-awareness and a bit of discipline plus knowing what my goals are (to feel good beyond that 4 or 5 hours of social time).

So if you are struggling with harmonizing these various parts of your life, you are not alone in these struggles. Your long term goals trump the short term feels. You don't have to drink excessively to have fun. You are awesome and amazing when you are sober. Peer pressure to drink is more about them than it is you. If you have one too many here and there, don't beat yourself up. We are only human. But also...alchohol doesn't do a dang thing for us in terms of health goals.

P.S. I know not everyone’s social life involves drinking - for a lot of us it does. Some may struggle with this exact thing but replace food for alchohol (or various other vices). This is simply based on my personal experience and it's something I know plenty of people can relate to. Alcohol is socially acceptable and encouraged. Saying no makes you an anomaly. A really strong one.


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